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Frequently Asked Questions


A: This information can be found in your lease agreement. Please check your lease agreement before sending in payment. Some lease agreements show payments made should be made to Fickling Managements Services, LLC while others will show the rent needs to be made out to the Ownership entity.

  • NO Post-dated checks
  • NO Cash
  • NO Credit Card

Several methods of payment: BEFORE CHOOSING YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENT, please confirm who and where your rent needs to be sent to. This information is located in your Lease Agreement.

A: If the payment is to be made out to Fickling Management Services, LLC

  • The most secure and convenient way is to pay by ACH (e-check) payment via your checking account.
  • Mail check/money order/cashier's check to: Fickling Management Services, LLC P.O. Box 310 Macon, GA 31202
  • Bring in person to our office at 577 Mulberry St., Suite 1100 Macon, GA 31201
  • Please be sure to properly identify your business/name/address leased on your check/ACH so that payment is properly applied.

A: If the payment is to be made out to Landlord

  • Please contact your portfolio manager to find out available payment options.

A: Yes, we can send courtesy statements via email only, which are sent out monthly. Please be sure our office has the appropriate email address on file for whomever pays your rent and that you would like a statement sent monthly.

A: Contact our office and we'll be happy to send out a duplicate and will verify that we have the correct contact information on file. Note that failure to receive a statement does not mean that rent isn't due and is not a valid excuse for nonpayment or late payments.

A: In most leases, rent is due on the first day of each month.

A: Rent is considered late if not received by the due date, usually the 1st of the month. Note that some leases provide a grace period, this does not extend the due date. Grace periods are designed for rare circumstances where a payment is delayed in transit, the due date falls on a holiday, etc. It is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that the payment is received in our office no later than the due date. If sending your payment by mail, this means you should do so several days before the payment is due.

A: Yes, most leases permit the assessments of late fees, and perhaps additional penalties such as interest charges. Remember that the late or nonpayment of rent is a material default of your lease and should be avoided.

A: You would be charged $35.00 for each payment that is returned or not honored by the institution on which it is drawn for any reason, plus any allowable late fees and penalties. Replacement payments for NSF situations must be made via certified funds. For repeated NSF offenders, you may be required to pay all future payments via certified funds.

A: Please contact Commercial Property Management immediately if something prevents you from being able to pay your rent & to explain your situation. But it is important to remember that a lease is an obligation and promise to pay; to prevent an eviction from taking place (and all the related problems and additional charges that can occur), please be sure to always pay your rent on time and in full.

A: The best first step would be to consult the provisions of your lease. Otherwise, contact your Portfolio Manager to discuss (our administrative staff does not have the authority to grant such a request).

A: A "Demand for Rent or Possession" is a legal document served to a tenant when rent has either been returned due to NSF or has not been received by the due date. If payment is not received within the prescribed period, you are required to remove all your property and surrender possession of the subject premises. This notice is the first step of an eviction process. 


A: When you signed your lease, if you signed electronically, you would have received an electronic version of your lease emailed to you. You are also furnished a copy with your welcome packet. If you are unable to locate the executed lease in your email, you can send a request for a copy of the lease to your Agent and/or

A: You should receive a call from your Agent prior to your lease end date.

A: If you are on a term lease with a specific expiration date, you should plan to vacate no later than that date. Most leases require a notice of cancellation, please refer to your lease. For month-to-month tenancies, advance written notice of at least 30 days is mandatory.

A: If this unfortunate circumstance comes to be, you will need to contact your Portfolio Manager as soon as possible to discuss the situation in detail. Breaking a lease prior to its scheduled expiration date is usually not allowed, but steps can be recommended to try and mitigate the situation.

A: Most leases require a notice of cancellation. Please refer to your lease for requirements.

A: This would need to be discussed with your Portfolio Manager and considered on a case-by-case basis. When a lease is first put in place, one of the primary considerations is the quality and credibility of the tenants, thereby making removal of a responsible party a tricky proposition. However, oftentimes there are solutions which can be explored.

A: In most leases, the Landlord must provide advance approval of any proposed sublets or assignments, and there are usually certain conditions and fees associated with that approval process. Please refer to your lease and/or speak with your Agent.

A: Absolutely! At a minimum, you will need liability insurance, naming the Landlord/Owner and Fickling Management Services, LLC as additional insured. Some leases require more insurance. Always check you Lease agreement for requirements. There are also additional policies which should be considered, such as personal property coverage and a variety of other forms of insurance to protect you and your business.

We advise that you submit the insurance sections of your lease to your insurance broker, and they will know what to provide. It is also important to make sure our office receives certificates of insurance upon each policy renewal as evidence that continuous coverage is in place as required under the lease. This will need to be turned in to our office on an ACCORD 25 FORM along with any additional endorsement documentation showing additional insured.





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